How do I customize the look and feel of pages in Lessons?

If you have used cascading style sheets (CSS) in web design, you can create and upload a custom style sheet to adjust the layout, design, and formatting of your lesson pages.

Note: Creating a custom style sheet for Lessons is recommended for advanced designers only.

Create a style sheet for your lesson pages.

On your computer, create a CSS file to use.  You can download and edit the one attached below to get started.

Tip: If you save the file with the name default.css, it will become the default for all the lesson pages in your site.

Go to Lessons.

Select the Title of the lesson page (e.g., Lessons, Activities, Week: 1) from the Tool Menu in your site.  

Edit the page title or style.

Select the Settings button at the top of the page.

Choose the CSS file to upload.

In the Settings window:

  1. Under Custom CSS File, use the Choose File button to select and upload a CSS file from your computer.
  2. Select Save.

View changes.

You will be returned to your lesson page with the new formatting in place.

Apply additional styling.

If your file contains custom formatting to apply to particular elements on the page, you can use the Custom CSS class option on each of those items.  For example, to change the style of buttons.

Edit the item.

Select the Edit (pencil and paper) icon for the item to edit, e.g., a link.

Add a custom CSS class.

  1. Choose the option to Show as button rather than link.
  2. In the Custom CSS class box, enter the style needed to modify the item.  In this example, we are entering "portletBodyBlue" which is one of the button styles in the style sheet attached above.
  3. Select Update Item.

View the edited item.

You will be returned to your lesson page with the item formatted in the appropriate style.