How do I embed an audio file on a Lessons page?

Instructors can add an embedded audio at any point in a Lessons Page.

Go to Lessons.

If you titled your page something other than Lessons, select the title of the page as it appears in your Tool Menu.

Click Add Content, and then select Embed Content on the Page.

From the Add Content drop-down menu, select Embed Content on the Page.

Click Choose Files.

Locate the audio file, select it and click Open.

Click Save.

The file you have selected will appear listed above the Choose Files option.

(Optional) You may upload additional files if desired.

Click Save to complete the upload.

View embedded audio.

The audio file will display embedded on the page.

Click Edit. (Optional)

To add a description of the audio file, click on Edit.

Add a description.

Add a description of the audio file, then click Update Item.

View updated item.

This returns the display to the Lessons page with the embedded audio and its description.

Notice the file location in Resources.

Note: The audio file is not streamed to the user. The larger the audio file, the longer it will take for the audio file to load on the Lessons page.