How do I increase a site's Resources quota?

Log in as admin.

Log in as an admin user.

In the Administration Workspace, go to the Sites tool.

Find a course or project site.

Find the site where you would like to increase the quota. For course or project sites, you may search by the site ID. For user Home sites, search by the user ID.

Select the Go to Site link to access the site.

Select the Go to Site link represented by the icon to the left of the site ID in the search results. The site will display.

Go to Resources.

Select Resources from the Tool Menu in the site.

For the top level Resources folder, select Actions > Edit Details.

  1. Select the Actions menu for the main, or top level, Resources folder.
  2. Select Edit Details.

Enter the new quota.

  1. Select the Special quota checkbox.
  2. In the box provided, enter the new quota in Kilobytes (binary). Zero may be entered for unlimited quota. For quick reference, here is a list of custom Resources quotas we've enabled for users within the past few years:
    • 6 GB = 6291456 KB
    • 8 GB = 8388608 KB
    • 15 GB = 15728640 KB
    • 20 GB = 20971520 KB
    • 25 GB = 26214400 KB
    • 50 GB = 52428800 KB

Select Update.